Work OVERSEAS on a PAID internship while earning ACADEMIC CREDIT

To date, 48 UF graduate students have undertaken humanitarian and
environmental summer internships with the Coca-Cola World Citizenship
Program to make a positive impact internationally by helping improve the
quality of life in emerging nations.  Now, in this, the fourth year of the
Program, you too have a chance to make a difference in your life and the
lives of others, while obtaining UF Credit. You will work in a developing
country, contributing, for example, to improving its educational system, its
natural environment, or its quality of health and economic sustainability.

The Coca-Cola World Citizenship Program at the University of Florida will
provide you with a unique opportunity to work with UNICEF, CARE, the Red
Cross, The World Conservation Union (IUCN), The Forest Management Trust,
World Vision, Mercy Corps or AirServ International regional offices in
Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean.  You will be able to
experience the sights, sounds and new friendships to be gained from your
interaction with different cultures and share these with others on your
return.  You will also earn three units of academic credit.  Successful
applicants will receive a stipend covers a percentage of living expenses;
travel to and from country; immunizations for assigned countries, and
medical emergency insurance.

The UF International Center (UFIC) coordinates the program and the selection
of applicants.
To Qualify:
     You must be a UF graduate or professional student from UF, FIU, USF,
UCF, or FAMU in good academic standing in either a master's or a doctoral
program (with no restrictions on citizenship).
     A Letter of Recommendation from your Advisor, approving 3 credit hours
of study, must accompany your completed on-line application form.
      Previous international travel experience is preferred, but not
      Proficiency in a second language may be required.

     Attend a training session in Spring 2004.
     Accept an assignment in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Caribbean
for 12 weeks in summer 2004 under the supervision of the partner
     Carry out daily assignments and follow the agency rules.
     Agree to abide by the host country's laws and UF's Student Code of
     Keep a journal of your experiences.
     Write a summary report of the benefits of your experiences from the

The Application Deadline is Friday, January 9, 2004
To Apply:
      Required form - available at:

     For questions, Please Contact:
Leslie A. Owen
Coordinator, Coca-Cola World Citizenship Program
University of Florida International Center
416 Peabody Hall, PO Box 113225
Gainesville, FL 32611-3225
Phone: 352-392-7074, Fax: 352-395-9386
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

For more information see our website at:

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