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Tom wrote:
|  Yes but everytime we think about this topic we realize the answer is: It
|  depends on the network being measured.  The same organization will have
|  an infinite number of networks depending on which network is being measured:
|  Who goes to whom for advice is one network, but
|  Who do you think has the most power is another.

Reminiscent of the relationship between database query optimizers and
user queries of a database.  Execution of a given query can optimize
on the statistical distribution of (a) stored data and (b) predicted vs. actual performance of user queries on stored data.

Heisenberg-like N-ality (uncertainty) among

    - network
    - measure
    - intervention
    - post-intervention measure
    - non-network (e.g. individual or external) result

is worthy of characterization.

As SNA lenses begin to be pointed at networks by nodes
in said networks, it's not too late to track 1st and 2nd-order
feedback effects [1].



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