For an example of how information centrality can be used with valued relations, see

Rothenberg RB, Potterat JJ, Woodhouse DE, Darrow WW, Muth SQ, Klovdahl AS.  Choosing a centrality measure: epidemiologic correlates in the Colorado Springs study of social networks.  Social  Networks 1995;17:273-297.

This study used several different ways of weighting centrality, and calculated information centrality using IML in SAS.

Rich Rothenberg

Pierre WAVRESKY wrote:
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a short question : is it correct to use the "information centrality score"
with a network where vertices are connected by valued relations (matrices
that are not only with 0 and 1)  ?
More generaly : what are the centrality indices that cannot handle valued
networks (matrices that are not only with 0 and 1) ?


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