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I would be very grateful if you could give me some assistance with
regard to three issues I'm grappling with in Ucinet

1. Is the "annealing" procedure that is available in Krackplot
available in Pajek or Netdraw (now implemented in UCINET)?

2. I realized that similarity measures measured by
Tools-->Similarities is different from that produced by
Roles&Positions-->Structural-->Profile routine for structural
equivalence, if using the same binary data as input.  What is the difference
between these two dissimilarities?  Here is what I'm doing: I have done some blockmodeling, and I'm
interested in repeating the same analysis using MDS, a procedure which
requires a matrix of proximities as input. I was planning to use the same
similarity matrix 9which produced the hierarchical clustering )
for the MDS, so I can compare the results.

3. I'm interested in finding the relationship between a HIV-risk comunication network and gender of network members, at an individual level of analysis and thought I could use the
Vector-Anova procedure. Thus, is the output produced by the Tools-Statistics-Vector-Anova based on the total number of actors in the network, or the number of ties?

Thanks in advance for your assistance - Emmanuel.

 Emmanuel Koku
 Research Consultant - Sexual Health
Toronto Public Health, Policy and Planning
175 Memorial Park Avenue
Toronto, Ontario.  M4J 4Y6
Tel:  416 - 338 - 0905
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