Hello all
I'd like to bring a conference to you knowledge and ask you
for your possible participation.

BlogTalk - A European Weblog Conference: Web-based publishing,
communication and collaboration tools for professional and private use. - the Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria May
23-24 2003

The primary goal of BlogTalk is to inventory the current and emerging
uses of blogs. Active bloggers as well as people from all professional
fields are invited to attend.

Paper submissions are being invited on all subjects relevant to the
theme of the conference, including, but not limited to topics such

Definition and scope of blogs
Case study of a blog in a professional or private environment
Collaboration and community building Influence of blogs on software
products and vice versa Influence of blogs on mass media and vice versa
The blog as a special interest publication Blog aided self-reflection or
self-portrayal Knowledge management Business models

mit freundlichen Gruessen/kind regards
Wolfgang Neurath

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