The 2003 Engineering and Science Fair will be held tomorrow and Wednesday.

Location:  UF - J. Wayne Reitz Union Grand Ballroom (2nd Floor)
Date: Tuesday, Feb. 18th
Time: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 19th
Time:  9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Please note the change of location from last year!  The new location
is at the Reitz Union, just east of North/South Drive on Museum Road.

The Gator Amateur Radio Club has requested two tables to display amateur
radio equipment and educational materials.  This will be a demonstration
and presentation of ham radio to the general public and to UF Students.
This is also a major recruiting opportunity for both the UF club and the
Gainesville club!!!

Several members of the Gainesville Amateur Radio Society have volunteered
to help with the table during the daytime.  Additional help would be
greatly appreciated.  For some time slots, only one ham is available!!!!

Here's the schedule for volunteers so far:

Morning (9-12):  Shannon Boal, KG4NGY
Lunch (12-1):    Jeff Capehart, W4UFL
Afternoon (1-5): Todd Sherman, KB4MHH
Evening (5-9):   Jeff Capehart,W4UFL;  Matthew Henry, KE4VEM

Morning (9-12):  Larry Ingram, AG4NN; Gary Hunt KF4QEX
Lunch (12-1):    Jeff Capehart, W4UFL; Gary Hunt KF4QEX
Afternoon (1-5): Todd Sherman, KB4MHH; Gary Hunt KF4QEX
Evening (5-9):   Jeff Capehart,W4UFL;  Matthew Henry, KE4VEM

If you are available for any time during the event, your help would be
very welcome.  In the mornings, several hundred grade school students
attend.  There may be some demonstrations involving the 146.820 repeater
for the students to "Talk to a Real-Live Ham Radio Operator".  If you are
available on the repeater to talk to the kids, I encourage you to monitor
the repeater throughout the day.  We may also use 146.910- since it is
closer to the Reitz Union.

Some planned information included in the display will be:
* ARRL Exhibit Kit  (brochures, "So you want to be a ham?")
* GARS Brochures
* W4DFU QSL cards
* Hamfest Flyers
* Amatuer Radio Challenge:  "Do you have what it takes to be a ham?"
   (5-questions pulled from the Technician question pool)
* Various computer displays such as:
   - wireless networking
   - EMWIN system
   - WinAPRS
   - Satellite Tracking
   - Video from ARRL HQ: "Amateur Radio Today"

If you are interested in helping, you may contact me for information or
just show up.  Try calling on the repeaters for "Engineering Fair Demo"
if you don't know who might be there.   By telephone, page me at 380-1654
and I will return your call, or punch in 82# and I'll come up on the

If you have any equipment you would like to demonstrate (such as PSK31,
APRS, or a new HF rig) you are welcome to bring it.  Otherwise, just bring
a handie talkie and enthusiasm for ham radio!

Note:  The GARS club meeting is Wednesday at 7:30 pm at AvMed.  Since the
fair is over at 7pm, there should be plenty of time to make the meeting.
In fact, you might just see a bunch of prospective new interested members!

Jeff Capehart

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