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Slammer specifically targeted Microsoft's SQL Server database.  Given that
the position of databases within n-tier application architecture is the
deepest level, this could be considered a specialized form of hub attack.


On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Valdis wrote:
> The most recent Internet worm -- Slammer -- did most of its damage in
> the first ten 10 minutes of existence.  It  did not know, or care,
> whether the network it was on was scale-free, small-world,
> core-periphery, etc.  It generated addresses to attack[potential
> targets] using a random number generator[a poorly programmed one at that].
> Whereas awareness of topology, and  attributes of target node, help in
> searching human networks, fast & dumb algorithms appear to work just
> fine on non-social networks.
> Here is an in-depth analysis...
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