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Subject: Re: Reality and literature

Dear Linda,

I would strongly recommend a book called 'The Edge of the Alphabet' by Janet
Frame.  It is beautifully written using defamiliarization (in the Russian
Formalist sense) to not only depict the lives of 3 people living 'on the
Edge of the Alphabet' (here the title can be very interestingly and
productively compared and contrasted with Lacan's Symbolic Order as a
structure predicated upon language, and the the persons on the 'edge' as, in
a sense, falling off the world--existentially speaking), but to diminish the
comforting ground of 'reality' from beneath our feet.  It is in many ways
like the works of Samuel Beckett (a favorite of mine), but more poetic in
tone.  The beauty in tone in conjunction with the 'unsettling' effect,
however makes this text even more powerful.  I strongly recommend it.


Janet Lucas
Social and Political Thought
York University
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Subject: Reality and literature

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> Off the top of your heads, can anyone suggest any writing on reality
> discerning it, how characters figure have trouble with it or figuring out
> what it is, etc.) in literature or literary criticism?
> Linda Pilgrim