I've been offline since 1/26, and have now learned that me provider will
only hold some 1800 e-mails for me?!?...... ;) At any rate, I almost got to
see all of the most recent posts. I was wondering though if there has been
any recent commentary on the ID of the Kestrel, and if there have been many
photos posted. I know there has been some debate on Frontiers Id regarding
this gem of a bird, and I was hoping that with the photos we could put to
bed the assertion that this bird is anything but Falco tinniculus, Eurasian
(or Common) Kestrel.

I know many have been concerned with the all telling talons, but there is
also the wing tip to tail tip ratio, the eyeline, and of course comparative
size to consider.  I don't know how much of all of this has been discussed
already, so I won't go into details again here. I would ask help from all
of you though, by pointing me toward linked pictures, linked messages, or
by forwarding any pertinent messages and or pictures you may have taken of
the bird. I have been in touch with Bill Clark (co-author of Peterson's
Hawks, and Photographic Guide to NA Raptors, as well as a new European
Raptor Guide) and he has given me some other details to consider. If a
suitable number of images can be collected, he would gladly submit his
opinion on the bird being very familiar with both from his research in
museums, and in the field throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East.

Thanks for all assistance,

Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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