Wes, et. al.-

Your explanation of the Yellow-chevroned parakeet listing quagmire is why I
pay little to no attention to the ABA.  I deal with enough beaurocracy as it
is - I'm not going to extend it to my hobbies - or as Rex would say - to my
obsessions.  No more North American or ABA list - just one big one list for
the world.  Except for the yard list - where I am the sole member of the
records/list committee.

Andy Prather
Orlando, FL
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>Subject: Re: [FLBIRDS] Listable Exotics
>Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 19:09:03 -0500
>Swamphen wrote:
> >
> > Hi Dave et. al.,
> >
> > Muscovy Duck is countable in Florida. Yellow-chevroned Parakeet was
>added to
> > the ABA list last year but (oddly) is not yet on the offial FOS list.
>   Hi Dave, Swamphen et. al.,
>   Although the Yellow-chevroned Parakeet was added to the ABA
>Checklist last year, NOBODY can count it! "THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY
>SENSE", YOU SAY? Well Swamphen, you touched on it when you used the
>word "oddly", The problem is that the only other state (that I know
>of), where the species could be considered established has also NOT
>put it on it's official state list either!!!! So where does one count
>it from if not from Florida or California??? No Jack, not Alligator
>Point, that's a "state of mind", not a state.
>  When an accidental shows up in the ABA area for the first time the
>ABA usually waits for that state or Provence where the bird was found
>to make a ruling before it tackles the issue. There is no hard & fast
>rule that the ABA has to do this, as far as I know. After the local
>committee rules then the ABA decides if they agree. They usually do
>agree, but sometimes they wait a long time. The Cuban Pewee has been
>on the FOS list for years & the ABA still has not voted on it!! I have
>no idea what they are waiting for!! Once that bird is accepted by the
>ABA & is added to their checklist one may count that species on their
>personal ABA lifelist the next time it shows up in the ABA area, no
>matter where in the ABA area that bird is found, regardless of weather
>that local committee votes yes or no, or never votes, or if the bird
>was found in a state or provence that has no records committee. There
>are some exceptions, Greater Flamingo is only countable on your ABA
>lifelist if you saw in in Florida Bay, not Tampa, Los Angeles or East
>Mckeesport PA!!! Also, if you see an accidental, you can "put it in
>until the species is added to the ABA Checklist.
>  Back to exotics. The ABA jumped the gun on the parakeet. If Florida's
>FOS voted to add the bird to the list you would only be able to count
>that species from Florida. The reason being that you can only count it
>from where it is considered to be established. An exception would be
>if the species expands into another state or provence, you could count
>it once that local committee agrees that the bird extended it's range
>from an established population. Also, you can only count an exotic
>after it goes on the ABA Checklist, you can't put an exotic in escrow.
>So, the bird is on the list but is uncountable. How about that!!!
>  Wes Biggs
>  Florida Nature Tours, Orlando  407/363-1360
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