Having dipped once on the male breeding-plumaged Dickcissel in Naples,
originally found on 03/04/03 by Alan Murray (and subsequently refound
yesterday by him), I tried again this morning 03/07/03. I took Alan's
advice and listened for the bird calling, as Alan described it: "the call
is similar to the House Sparrows [it associates with] but much higher
pitched and more drawn out and sometimes having a kind of buzzy trill at
the end." The bird frequents the southwest corner of the intersection at
Third Street South and 13th Avenue near Tony's on Third (restaurant) and
the immediate surrounding area. Today, the Dickcissel was found in the
oak tree (possibly a Water Oak) to the left of the Sassy Boutique where
the stairs go up to the second floor shops. The bird is easily seen at
eye level from 10 feet away when it is in this tree and when one is
standing on the second floor level. Photo ops are great I might add!
Sometimes, the bird flies across the street to the whitish
bouiganvilleaed-arch that goes from 13th Avenue to the Naples Pub.
Dickcissels have been recorded in winter in Collier County previously per
Stevenson & Anderson (p. 620) In the "Birds of the Naples Area" published
by the Collier County Audubon (1991) & revised by Ted Below, Dickcissel
is listed as T-FSP-5 which means "Transient in Spring & Fall, Accidental
- Less than 5 records." This publication is sorely out-of-date and
somewhat inaccurate but it's the only comprehensive checklist for the
birds of the Naples area to my knowledge.

Good luck and good birding!

Vincent Lucas

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