Saturday, March 1st, found us searching for THE gull.  First
we went to the Sears-Publix lot at about 9:30 am and no
gulls came in response to our chumming.  We walked
completely around the complex without seeing a single gull.
We then went to the water's edge and began chumming again
and attracted lots of the usual suspects but not THE gull.
So we drove to Higgs Beach where it was originally seen and
did not find it.  On the way back to Publix we did see the
adult Lesser Black-backed Gull near MM 2 on A1A.

Back at the Publix lot near 12 noon, again we chummed near
the water and after about 10 minutes (and a half loaf of
bread), a large gull came flying from the right - or the
water treatment plant.  It landed on a light post near the
flag in the parking lot and we could ID it as THE
Slaty-backed Gull.  It's bill is large for its size - and
tri-colored.   Then it flew directly overhead and landed on
one of the small mounds the other side of the channel and
stayed for about 15 minutes.  The pink legs and feet were
clearly visible. It never tried to get any of the breaad I
was tossing.   When it left, it flew in the direction of the
off-shore islands.  It was life bird number 601 for each of

Happy birding, Judy

George & Judy Halleron
On the road from Harbor Island SC

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