* Florida
* Statewide
* Date March 7, 2003
* FLFL0303.07

-Birds mentioned:

Canada Goose
Fulvous Whistling-Duck
Long-tailed Duck
Smooth-billed Ani
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Brown Creeper
HARRIS'S SPARROW (not seen)**

**This is a review species in Florida. Any details of sightings should be
sent to the FOS Records Committee at the address given at the end of this

to report e-mail: [log in to unmask]
compiler: Brian Ahern
transcriber: Same

This is Brian Ahern reporting the Florida Rare Bird Alert for 03/07/03. This
report is sponsored by FLORIDA NATURE TOURS, which offers tours to the Dry
Tortugas, South Florida, private guiding and a special Pelagic Trip off of
Ponce Inlet on May 17th. For information go to or call 407-363-1360. Reports are followed
by coordinates from the DeLorme Florida Atlas & Gazetteer and the page number
of Bill Pranty's ABA guide "A Birder's Guide to Florida" when possible.

Two CALLIOPE HUMMINGBIRDS are visiting the feeders at Fran C. Rutkovsky home
in Tallahassee. If interested in viewing them please contact her at
850-422-3636 or [log in to unmask]

At Black Swamp Nature Preserve a BROWN CREEPER was working the trees just to
left of the gate as you approach it from the road (J. Chapman). DeLorme p.
50; Pranty p. 69

At St. Marks NWR one LONG-TAILED DUCK is still being seen at Picnic Pond (J.
Cocke & T. Curtis). DeLorme p. 50; Pranty p. 76

The EURASIAN KESTREL at Lake Apopka Restoration Area, which is northwest of
Orlando has been seen on a daily basis since last Wednesday 26th. It is in a
restricted area but birders will continue to be allowed in. As long as the
bird is on their property the St. Johns River Water Mgt. District will make
every effort possible to get birders in to see it. The same routine used in
the past few days will be in place at least through this coming weekend,
Sunday March 9th. 2003. Harold Weatherman (possibly another SJRWMD employee
next weekend), will be at the Lust Rd. gate at 8:30 AM to guide people to the
bird. If the bird is still there after the 9th. either the same schedule will
continue or some modified version. Please meet promptly at 8:30am at the gate
at the end of Lust Road. Directions: From 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) in
Apopka turn south onto SR-437. Follow SR-437 for several miles and Lust Rd
will be on your right. If you reach Magnolia Park you have gone too far!
Follow Lust Rd. all the way to where it ends at the gate and make sure to be
there by 8:30am. Pending acceptance this represents a first state record and
only one of a dozen or so for the U.S.! (H. Robinson & all). DeLorme p. 79

This just in, a late report, that a possible HARLEQUIN DUCK was seen on
Sunday 2nd off of a sand bar off the end of the boat docks at Finns Grill in
Sebastian. From I-95 from Cocoa take the SR-514 Malabar exit, to US1 and head
south about 12 miles to Sebastian and Captain Hirams restaurant. You will
need a boat to view the area (B. Krikorian). DeLorme p. 88

The BREWER'S BLACKBIRD that was found in an old field in Pasco County is
still present. Directions: US Hwy 19 North to Sunray Blvd in Holiday, east
past Anclote River after the road changes name to Perrine Ranch Rd. The field
that the Brewer's was in is on the right side past the river; it is best to
continue to Olde Farm Road turn right and continue on the gravel road till a
small pond comes in view while looking back towards Perrine Ranch Road. The
Brewer's was along the edge of this pond and then flew over and perched on
top of cow dung. However, the bird works the fields on both sides of the
road, since earlier in the week it was seen in the right-hand field  (S.
Whiting & all). DeLorme p. 82

The GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE at Honeymoon Island SRA continues to be seen during
this week. After paying the $4 entry fee, follow the main park road to the
north. When you come to the turn to the picnic area, continue straight. After
this point, the road will curve to the left. Watch for a service road going
to the right. This is the area where the bird is. Turn right at the first
right turn and park your vehicle in the big parking lot. Proceed on foot back
to the previously mentioned service road. From the service road you will see
some scrub and brush on the left hand side, there are three tall thin wooden
poles stuck in the ground, the Towhee was found in around this area and sang
up in the middle of the leafless bush just to the right of the three poles.
However the bird could also be in the thick grass & brush on both sides of
the service road. It is very secretive staying on the ground or in the dense
low scrubs. Its song is a bubbly warble and it gives a call somewhat like a
catbird. A tape of it's call can be helpful in locating this bird, however it
has been reported that this technique has been abused in the area recently.
Since this is now fast becoming a heavy birded area, tape playing should be
kept to a minimum and not left running for lengths of time. PLEASE DO NOT
OVER USE A TAPE!! Normally it only takes less than a minute of hearing a
taped call for the bird to respond. A suggestion was made that as many
birders as possible arrive when the gate opens, and the group get together at
the towhee patch and then play the tape together so that there will be
minimal disturbance. This is only the second record of this species for
Florida!!(E. Woodruff & all). DeLorme p. 90; Pranty p. 121

On Tuesday 4th, a CANADA GOOSE was found on the large Terra Verde Duck Pond.
The pond is on your right as you head to Ft. DeSoto Park. The goose was first
found at the end of the pond where a few Black-crowned Night Herons roost (B.
Ahern). DeLorme p. 90; Pranty p. 126

The two male EURASIAN WIGEON were still being seen on the western-most pond
(bordering the apartment complex) at Eagle Lakes Community Park in Naples. It
was feeding with American Wigeons. To reach the park from I-75, take exit
101, go south on CR 951 (Collier Blvd.) @ 8 miles to US 41 (Tamiami Trail),
then west @ 1 mile to the park which will be on the right (north side of US
41).  The ponds are to the north of the ball fields. Also five BRONZED
COWBIRDS were found with a larger number of Brown-headed Cowbirds (R. Diaz &
all). DeLorme p. 111

A DICKCISSEL has been found in down town Naples. The bird frequents the
southwest corner of the intersection at Third Street South and 13th Avenue
near Tony's on Third (restaurant) and the immediate surrounding area. Friday,
the Dickcissel was found in the oak tree (possibly a Water Oak) to the left
of the Sassy Boutique where the stairs go up to the second floor shops (V.
Lucas). DeLorme p. 111

At Loxahatchee NWR one FULVOUS WHISTLING-DUCK was feeding with a small group
of two Green-winged Teal and several Blue-winged Teal on Monday 3rd. The bird
was feeding in impoundment C6 closer to Lee Rd than to the Marsh Trail
Parking lot. C6 impoundment is the first impoundment you come to driving west
after entering the Refuge on Lee Road off of 441. If you go to the Marsh
Trail Parking lot face west and C6 is the impoundment on the right (K.
Walters). DeLorme p. 108; Pranty p. 258

SMOOTH-BILLED ANIS are still being seen near the Ft Lauderdale airport. Five
were quickly located from the small park on Griffin Road. All were perched on
the inner fence of the perimeter road. From the park parking lot, cut over to
the airport fence. These were right (east) about 100 yards (D. Cahpman &
all). DeLorme p. 115; Pranty p. 216

In side Everglades NP a GREATER FLAMINGO was seen off of Christian Point on
the 24th during low tide (D. Chapman). Also along the trail to Christian
Point three possible BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHERS were reported.

A SCISSOR-TAILED FLYCATCHER was seen at the entrance to Little Hamaka City
Park on Tuesday 4th (S. White).

The SLATY-BACKED GULL was last reported to be seen on Saturday 1st at Key
West around noon at the Publix Parking lot near the water. As you enter Key
West turn right at the T-intersection, go about 1 mile or so and look for a
large parking lot with a Publix supermarket on your left. There is also a
Wendy's Hamburger Restaurant in the same parking lot.  Drive into the parking
lot and look for the gulls. He seems to like to stand out of site on the roof
of the Sears in the same shopping center as the Publix (G. & J. Halleron)
127; Pranty p. 258

Good Birding!

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Lake Placid FL 33862.

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