As I recall from posts last year, the Waxwings can be seen into June.  I know
I am seeing them all over the place now and recall seeing the last of my area
waxwings around June 10th just before I left for Canada.  I then, had the
most wonderful experience in Montana in late August of finding a
cat-threatened baby Cedar Waxwing on the ground.  I placed it up in a branch
near its nest.  It was the loveliest small creature.  Most of its adult
features were present somewhat clouded with some down still present.

Today I watched a most unusual thing.  3 Osprey were circling around over
head doing their high pitched calls when into view came a Brown Pelican,
juvenile.  The pelican joined the circling and for about 10 minutes the 4 of
them circled and circled, being joined by a Black Vulture about half way
through.  They stayed right over my house but eventually after about 10
minutes sailed on south.

The Chipping Sparrows have switched to their rapid songs now.  They are
sounding very ready to take that final leap northward.  A few Yellow-rumps
are hanging around the yard but so many fewer than 2 weeks ago.  I have one
pair (possibly 2) Goldfinches that are changing into the beautiful gold.  The
male is stunning.

N. Parulas are all over the neighborhood!!  Still waiting to hear the arrival
of my neighborhood GCFL but usually they don't get here until early April.
There are several Swallow-tailed Kites around now in our area.  I spied one
Ruby-throated Hummingbird go over the top of my house to my backyard.  I have
shrimp plants and a nectar feeder out for them since all my other plants died
in the cold snap.  Where there are birds there are butterflies and a large
variety seem to abound now.  Love them all!!!

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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