Many reports of STKI in the Ormond-Daytona area as well.  My 2 pair that I
monitored last year have both returned to their nest sites.  Even saw one
right over my head at my house on Tuesday this week.  In fact, plan to leave
after I finish my email checks to see if the large group is hanging out at
Relay WMA again this year.

Other life is coming along as well.  I am happy to report the Common Ground
Doves that live at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Point Park have their first
young one of the season.  I found 2 pairs of doves and one young one on
Monday.  I also found 3 pairs of Wilson's Plovers all looking for good spots
to nest again.  The same pair of Willets is already courting.  I did not see
any Least Terns or the Reddish Egret pair yet.  But it is a little early.
TONS of Barns Swallows crossing over the inlet, though.

I see doom at the park despite the attempts to set aside conservation areas.
The areas they use the most were NOT set aside so they will have to deal with
dogs (not on leashes as usual) and folks tromping all over the place.  AND,
the feral cats continue to flourish there as well.  I gave it my best shot,
they did what they thought was appropriate and now it will be up to the
ingenuity of the birds to survive.

Meret Wilson
Ormond Beach, FL

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