Hi all,

Prompted by Fran's report of a male Ruby-throat, I stuck the hummingbird
feeder out this morning. So far nothing at the feeder, HOWEVER, just a few
minutes ago I saw what looked like a goldfinch flying high over the yard,
pursued by what appeared to be a large insect. The "regular" bird landed in
one of our snags, at which point the "bug" started swooping back and forth
over it - it was a HUMMINGBIRD! After a minute or so, the hummer vamoosed,
then a moment later the "regular bird" headed for the pines (no doubt
greatly relieved by the departure of his tormentor).

Looking at the "dive display" patterns in the Sibley guide, I suspect that
the hummer was a RUFOUS. Anybody out there missing a male Rufous

Sure hope he checks out the feeder...

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
"Walk softly, and carry a big scope"

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