Hi again! It's me, one of the RM 'newbies' that is working on an ever
decreasing tight budget where every penny saved is needed.

As a person who already has a Master's degree in public history (to make
myself more marketable in the museum/archives profession if you can believe
it), and who is dreading adding to school loans to get another degree to
get an MLIS (but probably will at some point), this idea of basic papers
would be a God-send! I lean toward advocating something that would be free
to access/download from the internet. Let's face it, so many of the people
who are pushed into records management without training are working for
organizations with very little money to spend on resources. They also tend
to be extremely overworked (usually a secretary/office manager that is
assigned to do something with these boxes of records). Something short,
concise, and to the point would be awesome.

Also, I am finding it difficult to know where to look for all the codes,
regulations, etc. For example, I tried to look up federal government
documentation about conscientious objector files and got extremely lost. I
don't mind looking things up if I know where to go, but like the child in
one person's example, I don't know where to start, I only have vague ideas.
Hints people have picked up on how to find information on these types of
sites would also be helpful. ;) It would even be helpful to point out where
to find state level information.

So, I guess I would vote for something basic, free, and guides people to
find their own answers. I like the idea of the ARMA site because other
newbies would learn about the organization, but I think it should be on an
open access part, not a member's only part. Tiny budgets often keep people
from becoming members and those tend to be the people who need the most
help. ;)

Thanks for letting me share my $.02 worth. Now back to digging in to
developing this records program! :)
There's so much knowledge on this listserv - it will be interesting to see
what comes of this!

Bridgette "so ready for the weekend" Kelly

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