While the old adage "there is no such thing as a stupid question" comes to
mind for the listserv as a whole, I do agree with Lawrence that some sort of
resource could be helpful.   Maybe something like Internet Public Library's
FARQs page ( could work.   The understanding
would have to be that the FARMQ (yes, I am acronym crazy) would be an initial
source to support people's answers to common question(s).

For example, if I asked the question "are there any examples of records
inventory sheets online?"   Someone may reply, "this link to the FARMQ is a
good place to start" but here are some other things you might want to consider
when you make your sheet (yadda, yadda).

Obvious limitations I see to such a list are legal considerations and the
extent a resource could offer legal advice (I would advise against adding any
gov. information anyway, preferring instead to provide relevant links).

The student that I am, I should have some ability to work on such a thing.   I
have access to a computer lab and web-creation software (Frontpage
unfortunately, but beggars can't be . . .).   I could gather many questions
from the archive itself, but I wouldn't mind picking the brains of some
experienced volunteers who would be willing to predict questions, give
criticism and send the occassional email to keep me motivated as well.

Presuming I do a good job, filling my profs' email address with praising email
wouldn't hurt either.  :)

Ryan. . .

Ryan Deschamps

MLIS/MPA Candidate -- Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University

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