Wall Street Journal 02/26/03
As Far as Your Desk Goes, Location Tells Your Status,,cubicle_culture,00.html

Chicago Tribune 02/26/03
Evidence emerges of a broader
9/11 conspiracy in Germany,0,3928204.story?

Evening Post (UK) 02/26/03
Records covering 150 years of village history have been stolen from
a parish church.
They detail every baptism, wedding and burial in Carlton-on-Trent, near 
Newark, since St Mary's was built in 1851. The records were taken, along with 
communion silver worth 5,000, when thieves made off with the church safe at 
the weekend.

ABC News 02/27/03
Are You Gaga for Google?
Why Is Google So Great? Because It's All
About the User, Says the Site

Reuters 02/27/03
Iron Mountain swings to fourth quarter profit

Wall Street Journal 02/27/03
Kazaa! Ka-ching?,,SB1046309411904311023,00.html?

Wall Street Journal 02/27/03
New Studies Show Pitfalls
Of Doing Too Much at Once
You know the feeling. You're trying to save time by
doing two or three things at once -- sending e-mail
while on the phone with your boss, listening to a
colleague while sorting junk mail, making a list
during a meeting.
Suddenly, your brain crashes. It can't recall what you
just did, what was just said. Accusing eyes turn on
you awaiting a response -- to what?,,SB1046286576946413103,00.html?

Dallas Morning News 02/27/03
The lawman that history forgot
By LINDA STEWART BALL / The Dallas Morning News
When a police officer dies in the line of duty, all in uniform vow to 
Six months ago, Plano police Detective Luke Grant discovered that a fellow 
officer had been killed and never given the recognition he was due. So the 
detective set out on a journey that took him across two states and 83 years 
back in time to solve the mystery of Plano's only fallen officer. 02/27/03
Protecting Google Brand "Tricky
By Colin C. Haley
Competing in the cut-throat Internet search sector, and prepping for a 
possible IPO, Google has good reason to promote itself. Privately, even 
rivals grudgingly concede it has done a masterful job.
In recent weeks, Google beat out Apple, Coca-Cola and Starbucks for's "brand of the
year" honor and was featured in a Boston Globe Magazine cover story 
chronicling the use of the company's technology as a cultural phenomenon 
(albeit one that raises some privacy questions).
But even as the Mountain View, Calif., company's marketers celebrate its 
growing clout (or to use the industry's Orwellian term, "mindshare"), its 
intellectual property lawyers are quietly waging a campaign to ensure Google 
doesn't fall victim to its own success.

FCW 02/21/03
HHS publishes HIPAA security rules
BY Dibya Sarkar
The Department of Health and Human
Services on Feb. 20 published the longawaited
final rule on security standards to
safeguard the "confidentiality, integrity and
availability" of electronic information used
in the health care industry.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram 02/23/03
Medical privacy law stirs controversy

WREG 02/26/03
Birthday Website Is An ID Thief's Treasure Trove

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