The Citizens Voice 2/18/03
Diversified off hook to pay $40 million in fire damages
By Tim Gulla
Records filed recently at the Luzerne County Courthouse show that
Diversified Records will not be held responsible for two recent jury
awards that totaled more than $40 million.
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Security Systems News 2/19/03
Jury finds fire firm liable for fire
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -A jury recently found Grinnell Fire
Protection and records storage company Diversified Records
negligent in a 1997 fire that destroyed the storage company’s
<A HREF=""></A> 2/19/03
West Piston, Pa., Storage Center Must Pay First Union for
Records Lost in Fire
WILKES-BARRE, Pa., Dec 14, 2002 (The Times Leader - Knight Ridder/Tribune 
Business News via
COMTEX) -- A jury on Friday awarded First Union National Bank $20.5 million 
for damages it incurred in
the 1997 fire at Diversified Records in West Pittston.
The number was a few million dollars lower than what the bank's attorneys had 
sought. But it was enough
to please the attorneys, who praised the jury for what they called a smart 
and well-evaluated decision after
listening to weeks of testimony during the trial before Luzerne County Court 
of Common Pleas Judge Mark
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Edmund Sun 2/28/03
Mid-Con Data Services to hold
HIPAA compliance conference
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Maryville Daily Times 3/1/03
Blount County trusty sent to jail
2003-03-01by Lance Coleman
A Blount County Jail trusty was sent to a West Tennessee prison this week 
investigators caught him selling personnel information out of the Blount 
Courthouse to an undercover agent.
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Courier Post 3/2/03
`Courier-Post' challenging nearly
`indecipherable' bills
Courier-Post Staff
Under court order to make public the legal bills it incurred building a 
fourth high school,
the Lenape district blacked out large portions of the bills before turning 
them over to
the Courier-Post.
The district says it blacked out, or redacted, only privileged information in 
the bills from
the Trenton office of Capehart & Scatchard and the Haddonfield law firm of 
Archer &
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Quicken 3/2/03
Justice Department Issues Subpoenas for
Ahold Documents
Dow Jones Newswires
DES MOINES, Iowa -- The U.S. Justice Department has issued subpoenas for
wide array of documents from Ahold NV (AHO, news) as part of what the
company called a confidential criminal investigation by a federal grand jury,
according to memoranda posted on the Internet Sunday.
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New York Times 3/3/03
Pondering Value of Copyright vs.
BERKELEY, Calif., March 2 — Technology scholars, business leaders and
policy makers gathered at California conferences this weekend to argue
whether a mismatch between two different technologies and the legal policies 
govern them could inhibit free expression and innovation.
At one conference, held here at the University of California at Berkeley, the
technology in question was software known as digital rights management, which
allows copyright holders to set rules on how people can use a wide range of
products, from DVD's to garage-door openers.
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 3/3/03
Judge seeks high court help to learn
Internet critic's ID
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Baltimore Sun 3/4/03
U.S. grand jury subpoenas Ahold data
Dutch firm says order for records dates back to Jan. 1999; No shredding,
memo says; Scope appears wider than U.S. Foodservice earnings
By Paul Adams
Sun Staff
A federal grand jury has subpoenaed a broad range of financial documents
from Dutch food giant Royal Ahold NV as part of a probe that appears to go
far beyond last week's revelations that the company's Columbia-based U.S.
Foodservice subsidiary misstated earnings by at least $500 million.
<A HREF=",0,4628824.story">,0,4628824.story</A>? 3/3/03
College radio monitor falsifies playlist
University radio station WUOG has been faithfully
reporting its playlists -- but a national organization has
been manipulating the contents.
College Music Journal (CMJ), the organization that
monitors airplay on college radio stations, has admitted to
falsifying its playlists.
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