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>Fellow Socnetters,
>       As scientists should we not focus on the social network issues
>in an independent manner rather than using this Listserv as a forum
>to promote an agenda?  The social network questions are intriguing
>and should be focused upon without propaganda.

Matthew and others,
  Thanks for the feedback.  I'm very sorry if I sounded
propagandistic.  Clearly, my sympathies are with the protesters, but
I was trying express information that, given my "participant
observer" position I thought would be of general interest to list
members.  Although I belive SNA has serious social and political
implications which we need to consider carefully, I respect the
desire of the SOCNET list members (expressed repeatedly over the last
several years) that this discussion continue in forums other than
SOCNET.  Again, my apologies if my proximity to the issue led  me
write in overly strident tones.  Further comments can be made to me
directly rather than posted to the list.


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