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On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Olivia Ip wrote:

> I am trying to collect ideas and observations on the use of the internet as
> an venue for organizing of workers' activities.
> My hypothesis is that knowledge workers such as professional people are
> more prone to communicate work-related matters via the web than blue-collar
> workers.
> Any idea or references are appreciated.

A possibly confounding factor which you may wish to explicitly address: I
would expect "knowledge workers" to have much better access to the Web
than blue-collar workers: they tend to have more money (and so can afford
a personal computer and net access), and using the Web may be an integral
part of their job (so they get access for free and know how to use the

That is to say: your hypothesis may be correct, but it may have more to do
with differences in disposable income (and existing skills) than with any
more interesting cultural factors.  You could try to control for this by
choosing subjects that have incomes of comparable levels.


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