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Dear all,
I've been exploring the use of computer supported social networks to
help special education professionals to receive and give professional
and personal support as means to foster teacher professional

Most of the approaches have instead focused on the design for
communities of practice as it seems to be an effective learning model
(Lave's LPP), although there is little evidence that CofP (as defined
by Lave and Wenger) actually takes place in these online environments.

I have been comparing this two approaches (namely, social networks and
communities of practice) based on the notion of community structures
and the kinds of interactions. However, I would like to be able to
compare them in terms of learning communities.

I wonder then whether there is any work on the learning aspects of
social networks, e.g. how do people learn in their social networks, or
simply whether SN can be thought of as a learning community, or
community of learners. Finally, is there any model for learning in
social networks?

Any reference or comment would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

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