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I would note that the past 2 decades of research in Human-computer
interaction and in communication has shown repeatedly that (1) email is
not a substitute for other forms of communication and (2) email networks
are social networks,but (3) the network collected via email differs from
the network collected via questionnairs, observation, etc.

Our group has made some contributions to this extended literature:
Here are some articles of ours on email and social networks.
Kathleen Carley with Kira Wendt, 1991,  Electronic Mail and Scientific
Communication: A Study of the Soar Extended Research Group.  Knowledge:
Creation, Diffusion, Utilization , 12(4): 406-440.

and on the impact of email on social networks
and email is changing the nature of communication
Leah A. Lievrouw & Kathleen Carley, 1990,  Changing Patterns of
Communication Among Scientists In an Era of Telescience.  Technology in
Society , 12(4): 457-477.
and the social networks

Kathleen M. Carley, 1996,  Communicating New Ideas: The Potential Impact
of Information and Telecommunication Technology  Technology in Society,
18(2): 219-230.

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