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Carter T. Butts wrote:
|  Matt Bowler wrote:
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|  > Fellow Socnetters, As scientists should we not focus on the social
|  > network issues in an independent manner rather than using this
|  > Listserv as a forum to promote an agenda?  The social network
|  > questions are intriguing and should be focused upon without
|  > propaganda. Matt
|  >
|  I tend to agree.  However, I would also note (vis a vis the comment to
|  which you were replying) that the mere fact that a poster is drawing
|  upon observations they have made via participation in one or another
|  element of this conflict does not render their comments "propaganda."
|  Although anecdotal, this information may provide some useful insights
|  which can be incorporated into subsequent research.
| ...

Science has helped many to objectify their subjectivity, offering
frameworks for epistemological responsibility.  Propaganda itself
seeks to present the subjective in the language of the objective.

The cameras of SNA take multi-dimensional snapshots, whose
combination yields yet higher-dimensional models. Language
alters reason, prioritizes visual perception and rationalizes
economic risk in the service of primary data collection.

A June 02 MFA thesis, "Decoding Visual Language Elements
in News Content", includes an interactive 'media literacy' demo:
   (via metafilter)

The current news (self-observation of the human species)
environment is characterized by falling costs of distribution,
increasing sophistication of production, and increasing risks
of primary data collection.

We need all of: observer literacy, stenographic accuracy,
analytic diversity, gap analysis and strategic imagination.

And insurance for primary data collectors.


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