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This has been an interesting interchange.

I want to add one observation and two references.

The observation:  On the afternoon after the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, ended this January, I happened to find myself in the lobby coffee shop of what turned out to be the hotel where the "heavies" of the movement for peace and social justice were staying.  I was stuck there for about 3 to 4 hours.  While there, I watched Chomsky and others table hop and set up appointments, etc.  It would have been an excellent opportunity for someone to do a network study of who talked with whom, and who did NOT, among this movement elite.

I also want to add two papers of mine to the references people have mentioned.  They apply SN techniques, data and theory to issues of organizing collective action against HIV transmission (and other issues).They are:
Friedman, Neaigus, Jose, Curtis & Des Jarlais.  Networks and HIV Risk.  International Journal of Drug Policy 9(1998):461-469.

Friedman. Theoretical bases for understanding drug users' organizations. International Journal of Drug Policy 7(1996):212-219.


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