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Dear socnetters

I send you details of a book that might be of interest to some of you.

Best wishes, MD

Social Movements and Networks
Relational Approaches to Collective Action
Edited by Mario Diani and Doug McAdam

Oxford/New York, 2003: Oxford University Press

For the first time in a single volume, social movement researchers map the
full range of applications of network concepts and tools to their field of
inquiry. They illustrate how networks affect individual contributions to
collective action in both democratic and non-democratic organizations; how
patterns of inter-organizational linkages affect the circulation of
resources both within movement milieus and between movement organizations
and the political system; how network concepts and techniques may improve
our grasp of the relationship between movements and elites, of the
configuration of alliance and conflict structures, of the clustering of
episodes of contention in protest cycles. Social Movements and Networks
casts new light on our understanding of social movements and cognate social
and political processes.

Mario Diani is Professor of Sociology at the University of Trento, Italy,
and the European Editor of Mobilization. Doug McAdam is Professor of
Sociology at Stanford University, and Director of the Center for Advanced
Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

320 pp.; ISBN 0-19-925178-9; $24.95

1 Mario Diani: Social movements, contentious actions, and social networks:
'from metaphor to substance'?
Part I. Individual networks
2 Florence Passy: Social Networks Matter. But How?
3 Helmut Anheier: Movement development and organizational networks: The
role of 'single members' in the German Nazi party, 1925-1930
Part II. Interorganizational networks
4 Maryjane Osa: Networks in opposition: Linking organizations through
activists in the Polish People's Republic
5 Mario Diani: 'Leaders' or brokers? Positions and influence in social
movement networks
6 Christopher Ansell: Community embeddedness and collaborative governance
in the San Francisco Bay Area environmental movement
Part III. Networking the political process
7 Charles Tilly and Lesley J. Wood: Contentious connections in Great
Britain, 1828-1834
8 Pamela Oliver and Daniel Myers: Networks, diffusion, and cycles of
collective action
9 Jeffrey Broadbent: Movement in context: Thick networks and Japanese
environmental protest
Part IV. Theories of networks, movements, and collective action
10 Roger Gould: Why do networks matter? Rationalist and structuralist
11 Ann Mische: Cross-talk in movements: Reconceiving the culture-network link
12 Doug McAdam: Beyond structural analysis: toward a more dynamic
understanding of social movements
13 Mario Diani: Networks and social movements: A research programme

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