Dear Corey,

Don't know if you'll find this just what you're looking for. I've
attached a document co-authored by my colleagues William J. Clancey,
Maarten Sierhuis, Ron van Hoof with myself. It is about a simulation
software we developed and patented called "Brahms" for simulating
practice. It is currently in use at NASA, not for simulating social
networks but for simulating social pratice.


Patricia Sachs

At 4:58 PM -0700 4/20/03, Corey Phelps wrote:
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>I am looking for articles (published or working) that use multi-agent
>simulations of social network processes. That is, I am looking for articles
>that simulate the evolution of networks using multi-agent simulation
>methodology as well as papers that seek to understanding how the topology of
>network structures influence multiple agents' behaviors. Any and all
>suggestions would be much appreciated. I will post a summary to the list.
>Thanks in advance.
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