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Dear SOCNETers-

I am looking for articles (or researchers willing to talk to me) on how an
increase in connectivity between firms results in an "increase" in either
performance or sales within a given industry.

Here's a brief explanation on how this applies to social network research.
In the past couple of days I have seen several requests on this list for
articles on inter-firm networks. I am doing a research project on how
information technology might increase the connectivity of these networks:
enabling better sales performance, client management, or overall

In summary, the overarching question I am trying to answer is: has an
increase in inter-firm connectivity (or overall relationship strength
between firms) been shown to have any quantifiable effect on how industries

Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Zaw Thet

Zaw Thet
MBA Class of 2004
Stanford Graduate School of Business
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