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> Is there a way to visually represent firm attributes in PAJEK drawings?
> I have a set of firms which have different sizes (e.g. market share). I want to draw
> a picture of a network where the largest firms will be represented by, say, red
> dots; medium-sized firms, with blue dots; small firms with white dots. Does
> PAJEK allow this? I know I can get different node colors based on the results of
> network partitioning, but what I need is to "partition" networks based on a set of
> non-network attributes.

   In Pajek you can assign (read as input or compute) different properties to vertices:
     numerical properties as vectors
     ordinal properties as vectors or partitions
     nominal properties as partitions
   Vectors can be used to determine coordinates of vertices
       Operations / Vector / Put coordinate
   or size of vertices
       Draw / Draw - vector
   To define the unit size of vertices use (in Draw window)
       Options / Size / of vertices
   Partitions are represented by colors.
       Draw / Draw - partition
   to change colors use
       Options / Colors / partition colors

   To transform vector into partition use
       Vector / Make partition


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