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Dear All,

I was wondering if anyone on this mailing list could help me with an
interesting problem that I have been having with trying to create VRML
representations of a large network data set.
 I am trying to create VRML files that can be imported into an immersive
3D environment, The current approach is to use pajek's ability to export
data to VRML 1.0 format, and then manually edit these files.

However, this does not allow the creation of dynamic links between nodes
in the network. The programmer that I am working with on this project
has suggested that I ask people in the field if they have any algorithms
or standalone applications that allow the conversion of network data to
VRML. If anyone has any experience and could provide any help with this
it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Andy Swarbrick
Department of Speech Communication
University of Illinois
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