This is true. I have an article forthcoming in Social Forces (June) on discussion groups of managers, though the network-effects paper, which might be more relevant to you, is still under review. There is some work in the small groups field that might be relevant, especially

Robinson, Dawn T. and James W. Balkwell. 1995. "Density, Transitivity, and Diffuse Status in Task-Oriented Groups." Social Psychology Quarterly 58:241-54.

The paper I have under review is available upon request, inscribed upon a $21 bill -- sorry, Boston/NPR humor.

David Gibson

Mary C. Still wrote:
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You might also look into the work of David Gibson at Harvard, who I know has done extensive research on conversations amongst innovation team members at a major international bank.

I was wondering if anyone was aware of any work done to record human conversations (like at a conference) for SNA?  I know there has been work done analyzing videos, but I was looking for other approaches.
Alex Kilpatrick

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