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Hi Vlado,

> >  I am trying to create VRML files that can be imported into an
> > immersive 3D environment, The current approach is to use pajek's
> > ability to export data to VRML 1.0 format, and then manually edit
> > these files.
> >
> > However, this does not allow the creation of dynamic links between
> > nodes in the network.
>    What do you mean with 'dynamic link' ?
>    Vlado

Perhaps I should explain the problem that we are having in full,

We would like to map attributes and prestige values (using the eigen
vector) onto the nodes. Our Intention was to use size of the node to
reflect the prestige value.
However, the problem is that the VRML output from Pajek is static and
the links between the nodes are solid cylinders with the spherical nodes
acting to cover the point where they join.
This means that if we increase the size of the node in the VRML code we
risk overlap with other nodes and if we decrease the size of the node
the links will end before they get to the node.

In this context a dynamic link, would be one that could change its
length depending on a node size and position.
It might be too much work to embed this in the VRML itself, so we are
looking to use a algorithm that would convert network data into VRML
with all the additional node size and distance information already in
In my research of social network analysis and visualization tools I have
only been able to find one that exports data to VRML, your Pajek
application. If you or anyone could provide any help or guidance on
where to go to get the resources to complete this task it would be very
much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Andy Swarbrick
Department of Speech Communication
University of Illinois
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