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Lew Friedland wrote:
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> Does anyone know of studies that document the ability of actors to
> accurately recognize the pattern and extent of networks in which they
> themselves are embedded, particularly complex community networks? I am
> interested in how community and civic actors see and navigate  (or not)
> both their immediately surrounding networks and more extended community
> networks that are relevant to issue domains.

To add (somewhat self-servingly) to the list:

Butts, C.T.  (2003).  "Network Inference, Error, and Informant
(In)Accuracy: A Bayesian Approach."  Social Networks, 25(2), 103-140.

Kumbasar, E.; Romney, A.K.; and Batchelder, W.H.  (1994).  "Systematic
Biases in Social Perception."  American Journal of Sociology, 100(2),

The former piece also provides a brief review of some of the
(voluminous) literature on the accuracy of informants, at least vis a
vis social ties.  You may find the cited works useful.

Hope that helps,


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