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Dear SOCNETer:

I am a student of sociology, and very much interested in the application of
dyadic data analysis to research on interorganizational behavior. As this
could be performed fairly well on network software like UCINET, I am also
interested in doing this on statistical packages like SAS PROC MIXED, STATA,
S-PLUS. What troubles me is the difficult availability of literature that
students how to do this on statistical packages.

Specifically, what I've been looking for is textbook-like documents that
students to learn how to specify models in accommodating different kind of
questions and data types, and to interpret numbers, as well as to deal with
data management issues related to dyadic analysis. Can anyone tell me where
can I
start for this?

I will appreciate anyone who can shows me a lead, and shall post the
collected back to this list. Many Thanks!

Zong-Rong Lee

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