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Hi All,

I am a graduate student wanting to apply the SNA methodology to map out
communication patterns over time between decision maker and research
groups through the use of Virtual Networks. I have a problem however. 1.
The group I am dealing with is HIGHLY dysfunctional and it may be
difficult to get them to answer my questionnaires and do a good SNA
study. Another method I have considered was Institutional Ethnography,
however, it is a very rigorous method and perhaps won't work with my
group. My question is:

1) Does any one know of a methodology that can be used to map out
communication patterns when dealing with highly dysfunctional groups
without using the SNA methodology. Are there any methodologies that are
not that as rigorous as SNA or Inst. Ethnog. but can be used to map out
communication patterns. Please send me some methodology options with
references if you know of any.

I really appreciate your help.

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