I know two articles that may be of interest for you:

Reciprocal altruism and group formation
Zeggelink, de Vos and Elsas

you may find other interesting papers by searching Zeggelink on Google


Some dynamics of social balance processes: bringing Heider back into balance theory
by N.P. Hummon and P.Doreian
Social Networks
vol.25 pp.17-49. 2002

available on ScienceDirect

In "Growing artificial societies" Epstein and Axtell proposes also a model of link formation

at last there is also "Arrieros ALife" by K.Auer and T.Norris
but their model is much more complicated ...

By the way I'll be very interested if you could send me the results of you request ...


Frédéric Amblard
PhD Student

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> Objet : looking for agent-based simulations of/in social networks
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> I am looking for articles (published or working) that use multi-agent
> simulations of social network processes. That is, I am
> looking for articles
> that simulate the evolution of networks using multi-agent simulation
> methodology as well as papers that seek to understanding how
> the topology of
> network structures influence multiple agents' behaviors. Any and all
> suggestions would be much appreciated. I will post a summary
> to the list.
> Thanks in advance.
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