Tutors may opt to tutor for credit in addition to getting paid.  The course is
offered through the College of Education and Human Development for 1-3 credits.
The course may be repeated for up to three credits.

I put together a notebook of all of our materials on The Tutor Program and
everything that we require tutors to do in training, tutoring and reporting.
I gave a presentation at one of the College's staff meetings.  Those present
were very impressed in what we require tutors to do and felt that it was
equitable to any course they offered!  Whether tutors sign up for the course or
not, they have to do the same thing.  Those who opt for the credit, may use
the credits as electives and the College of Education also lets the tutors use
their work to add to their Education portfolio (if they are education majors).
We continue to pay the tutors even if they sign up for the course as they have
to pay tuition for each credit hour.

Out of 60 + tutors each semester, about 4-6 choose the credit option.
I think more would sign up for it if it also counted towards their gen ed
requirements.  It certainly is writing intensive and could also count towards
communication skills.  However, since there are several sections of the course
and each instructor can do different things, it cannot count towards the gen ed
requirements.  It is set-up in the course directory like an independent study
course or seminar.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me off
the list serve.


Ruth A. Doucette
Tutor Coordinator
The Tutor Program
104 Dunn Hall
University of Maine
Orono, Maine 04469-5724
(207) 581-2351

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