Hi to all of you still working and not gone for the summer!

I need a favor if you can help me.  I've been asked to find
comparable salaries for myself and my professional staff for our
"Salary Equity Committee" here on campus.  I know this issue has
been discussed time and again on this listserv, but I can't seem to
find what I need in the wcenter archives (I can't locate the lrnasst archives).  Has someone compiled this info? I
seem to remember that someone had, but can't find it.

Anyway, I'm the director of the Academic Assistance and
Resource Center at a mid-sized state university (11,000 students).
I have four program directors (professionals with Master's minimum
plus experience)--Math, SI, Writing, and Content Studies (tutoring
everything but math and writing). We supervise peer tutors for
almost all core curriculum courses plus developmental courses and
offer non-course based TASP (Texas's standardized test for
entrance into college level classes) preparation in the form of
closely supervised individualized peer tutoring. The professional
staff also offer online reading and writing TASP prep courses for
distance students.  We employ 125 peer tutors, 7 desk staff and
have one classified position  (for payroll, desk supervision,
scheduling,  data entry, etc.). We will log over 38,000 tutoring
hours this AY, and see nearly half of all students on campus. We
compile extensive assessments, including retention reports. Much
of our work is involved with program assessments. My position is 12 month; the program directors work 10 1/2 months.

The AARC has Advanced Level NADE Certification and all four tutor
training programs have Master Level Certification from CRLA.

We are the university's writing center and math lab.

What I need are salaries for writing center directors, SI directors,
etc., as well as learning center directors for good-sized operations
like this one.

Can any of you help me? Please feel free to email me off-list.


Robin Redmon Wright, Director
Academic Assistance and Resource Center
Stephen F. Austin State University
PO Box 13055
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962
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"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn."
                          --John Cotton Dana

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