One way to increase awareness of tutoring is to focus on ONE RECOGNITION
DAY on campus, entitled CAMPUS TUTORING DAY:  Help Someone Out by
Tutoring Them Today.

Then in preparation for that day announce several options for workshops in
which tutors can help teach students how to tutor.  Faculty can be asked
to recommend to their students that they attend a workshop and report back
to their class with notes or a small presentation.

The result is more students will become involved in what tutors do and more
students will have their first live tutoring session.  Note: if the workshop
video taped it can be played on VCR's periodically in dorms, unions,
etc. and students can get a first hand notion of what actually happens in
a tutoring session.

Recognition builds awareness and awareness lowers the stigma that some-
times is associated with seeking tutoring.  By showing students what happens
in tutoring, most will realize it can prove beneficial rather than debasing
their self esteem.

Workshop outlines can be based on your choosing.  Those who train with
The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring by Dr. Ross
MacDonald favor the 12 STEP TUTOR CYCLE as a clear set of training steps
that most can readily understand with limited training and better results.
Infor at:

PS:  An online course is useful to recruit and train future tutors.  See

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