Two resources that are nationally popular for adult students include:
100 Things Every Adult Student Ought to Know which is the second in a
  series that followed 100 Things Every College Freshman Ought to Know and
Ten Tips for Academic Success which is a 10 hour Academic Success
  Seminar that you can teach.  It uses a hands-on, learn-by-doing format
  that adults seem to prefer to refresh or rebuild skills in learning.  Its
  Manual is scripted to enable all to offer instruction (coaching) and
  task practice, including faculty in high attirtion prone disciplines and
  with large groups on probation.  Your Dean may also find this ideal as
  a required Seminar for this year's Probation List students.

100 Things can be used as a text, orientation aid, or used as a fund raising
source and made available during orientation/registration.  Bookstores will
also stock copies in exchange for your announcing it to students at
(Note: a Fund Raising Kit is available and can be mailed)

Ten Tips can be used in conjunction with 100 Things as adopted texts for
a course or pre-college weekend seminar.  It includes self-assessment
scales adults can use to monitor their own progress in improving each skill
(i.e. speed reading, memorization, etc.).

We encourage you to refer others that assist adults and new freshman
to this information.  More detail is available at our web site

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"Helping Students to Study Smarter, Read Faster, and Score Higher on Tests"

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