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From Henry Heitowit, Director Educational Resources, ICPSR:

>The ICPSR Summer Program is once again offering 5-day workshops on Network
>Analysis. (see description below)
>This summer there will be 2 versions offered:
>July 14-18.
>instructor: Katherine Faust, Univ. of California, Irvine
>location: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
>August 11-15
>instructor: Stanley Wasserman, Univ. of Illinois
>location: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
>you can register on-line through the web site:
>Social Network Analysis
>   Social network analysis focuses on relationships between and among
>entities. Unlike standard social and behavioral science research, the
>measurements taken on these entities are functions of more than one entity,
>so that the data arising from network studies are not the standard "cases x
>variables" datasets. This workshop will present an introduction to various
>concepts, methods, and applications of social network analysis. The
>workshop focus is on methods, rather than on theories. These methods apply
>to the analysis of relational data measured on groups of social actors.
>Topics to be covered include an introduction to social networks, an
>introduction to graph theory, and the use of directed graphs to study
>structural theories of actor interrelations; structural and locational
>properties of actors, such as centrality, prestige, and prominence;
>subgroups and cliques; equivalence of actors, including structural
>equivalence, blockmodels, and an introduction to role algebras; an
>introduction to local analyses, including dyadic and triadic analyses; and
>an introduction to statistical modeling of network processes. The social
>network paradigm is gaining recognition and increased standing in the
>social and behavioral science communities as the theoretical basis for
>examining social structures. However, the paradigm requires a new and
>different set of concepts and analytic tools beyond those provided by
>standard quantitative methods. These concepts and tools are the topics of
>this workshop. Prerequisites for this workshop are familiarity with matrix
>algebra and a background in linear models. Knowledge of categorical data
>analysis is helpful, but not required. The workshop will consist of morning
>lectures, afternoon computer sessions, and late afternoon
>question-and-answer discussion periods. Readings will be taken from Social
>Network Analysis: Methods and Applications, by Wasserman and Faust. The
>first 20 applications with payment received by the Summer Program office
>will be accepted. Application is considered incomplete unless accompanied
>by fee payment.
>Henry Heitowit
>Director Educational Resources
>P.O. Box 1248
>Ann Arbor, MI  48106-1248
>voice: 734/763-7400
>FAX: 734/647-9100

Steve Borgatti, PhD Director
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