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Just a comment on your choice of survey tool.  We haven't used Servelum but
will consider it for our next survey as it sounds good.  The one we have
been using, which is free with unlimited number of questions and responders,
is  We've been satisfied with it and has all of the
features you list for Servelum.

If anyone has used both and can give a quick competitive analysis, that
would be great.

Cynthia Typaldos

From: charlie lumpkins
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 3:36 AM
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Subject: seeking ideas, etc. on gender and race/ethnicity for online


Anyway, I found a web site, Survelum, at, that
students (and even I) can handle without any problems. Surprisingly the only
cost with this site is a $20 fee to activate the survey!  The fee is cheaper
than the books that I plan on assigning. :-)   The other features--the
creating, the editing, the testing, the sign-up, the unlimited sign-in, the
gathering of statistics, and the collected data to download--are free!  The
web site is very user friendly, designed for anyone who want to create and
control their own online surveys.   So I am comfortable with the online
survey taking.  And I think students will enjoy conducting surveys online.


Please send replies to me at [mailto:[log in to unmask]].

Thank you in advance.

Charlie Lumpkins,

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