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I recently created a website called "Social Psychology of Information Diffusion -- Educational Resources" or SPIDER.
The site can be accessed by clicking on, but please finish
reading the introductory description before visiting the site.

The site brings together three areas in which I have had a great interest: social networks (my main research area), memes, and basic social-psychological principles of social influence.  With the resources I have linked together, one can study anything from popular culture to health to social relations.  The materials to which I've compiled links are primarily academic, although I also have some that would be of popular interest (e.g., Yogi Berra-isms, "Jumping the Shark").

I invite everyone to contribute intellectually to SPIDER in a variety of ways:

First, if you know of some websites that would be good to add, please let me know of them.  As of now, I have a little bit from various disciplines (psychology, sociology, anthropology, even physics), but I'm lacking in other areas such as communications, marketing, and public relations.

Second, if you've read any articles or books lately that would fall under the umbrella of SPIDER, please consider writing up a brief review (100 words or less) and e-mailing it in.  It's fine with me to have multiple reviews of the same publication, so don't be deterred if you see a review already in place for something.

Third, please forward this message on to colleagues of yours from other departments.  That's the whole idea of information diffusion -- passing something along to other people you think may be interested!

I hope you all enjoy "SPIDER on the web."  I look forward to seeing your comments.


Alan Reifman, Ph. D.,  Assistant Professor
Dept of Human Dev't and Family Studies
College of Human Sciences
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-1162
(806) 742-3000

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