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I am a PhD student in Yale’s American Studies Program and am currently
working on my dissertation, an ethnographic study of unemployment and
job seeking in the Dallas-area high-technology industry.

I'm hoping the list might be able to help me overcome a research hurdle
I’ve encountered.

The majority of the job seekers with whom I’ve spoken regularly attend
organized networking events where they socialize and exchange job leads
and job search advice with fellow job seekers. I would like to offer a
brief history of these events in my dissertation— particularly the
shift from understanding networking as something to be done with one’s
current social and professional circles to its current incarnation as
the practice of seeking strangers to “network with” at events organized
and attended for that purpose. I have had little luck in my search for
historical or media sources on the origins and evolution of these
events, even in online archives and museums of business history. I am
writing in the hope that some of you have come across information of
this sort in your own work.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer.

Carrie Lane Chet
Doctoral Candidate
Program in American Studies
Yale University
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tel 940.387.4311

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