I prepare a PhD, directed by Lazega, about construction industry using SNA too, but I'm more interested in access to business than to innovation. Could you be more precise ? What kind of attributes ?
As far as I am concerned, I use Burt's theory about entrepreneurs. Besides I try to show the importance of cohesion inside building entrepreneurs niches. I decided to concentrate on resources linked to business, because I faced the fact that the networks providing information about markets are not really the same as the networks enabling innovation. In the Construction industry in France, innovation comes most from upstream industrial actors.
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Catherine COMET
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  Subject: evaluating networks qualitatively

  Dear Dee and other SOCNET colleagues,

  My PhD is using SNA to look at innovations within the construction industry, yet the further i get into the subject area the
  more i think we need to consider some of the attributes that shape relationships/ties.  This will probably take a qualitative form.  Thus i
  would also be very interested in any advice regarding this area.

  Graeme Larsen
  Doctoral Researcher