Dear Graeme,


You have really begun to make me think about what are the significant
"attributes of a relationship/tie".


I am thinking of a list that begins with:




Multidimensional/ unidimensional


I am sure there are others, and I will keep thinking. Do you have any
others to add to the list?




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Subject: evaluating networks qualitatively


Catherine and other SOCNET colleagues,


You ask what kind of attributes i am interested in.  Well i am unsure.
Whiltst i accept 'how' communicaiton occurs in an informal network can
be mapped and positions quantified by SNA, the only explaination for
'why' they occur this way is based around the SNA quantitative
data/paradigm.  Regarding innovations, there are many attributes related
to the innovation, cost, advantages, drivers behind it etc etc (Rogers
early stuff) and the type of social system it is diffused into, interest
rates, political system, level of competition etc etc.  This is before
we start to consider elements concerning the actors, education, value
systems, individual drivers etc.  If occurs to me that there are all
these complementary 'softer' issues that actually contribute to the
network which i want to include.


I hope you can make sense of this.


Kind regards

Graeme Larsen

Doctoral Researcher

University of Reading