Today at Huguenot:

One of the lesser black-backed gulls was back at the jetty,
this one in nearly adult plumage along with 2 great black-backs.
A red-breasted merganser was present at the north point
where one or two are consistently seen. A black tern (my first
this summer) was seen flying over the ocean. Three reddish
egrets were in the lagoon area, down from a high of seven
two weeks ago. One was also seen at Spoonbill Pond at the
north end of Big Talbot Island. Four turnstones were foraging
on the beach after a three week absence. Many, many, many
juvenile laughing gulls and royal terns. I have seen no juvenile
gull-billed or sandwich terns though a couple dozen adults of
each species remains in the area, particularly in the roped off
nesting area on the north point.

For the second time in my life I watched laughing gulls perching
on floating pelicans and video-taped the event. This appears to
be some kind of feeding behavior as the gulls follow the pelicans
around and only land when a pelican catches a fish.

Notable absences were: no black skimmers, wilson's plovers
or least terns.

Bob Richter
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