Greetings Floridabirders
Yesterday evening I was standing near the Egan's Creek Marsh in Fernandina Beach at the end of 14th St. watching egrets/herons coming in to roost.  A particular bird caught my eye as it flew over.  The bird's body and wings were an overall dark rust color with a whiter head and neck.  I also thought I saw a large black tip on the bill.  The bird struck me as larger than the Tricolored Herons that were proceding it.  I didn't get as good of a look as I wanted to, as the bird flew directly into the sunset.  From the look that I got, the bird certainly appeared to be a juvenile intermediate morph REDDISH EGRET.  The bird was observed for about seven seconds before it flew into the sunlight.  I will keep FLbirds posted if I see the bird again. 
Other Nassau Birds--
A SWALLOW-TAILED KITE flew over Alligator Creek near Callahan yesterday afternoon.  My first for Nassau county.
Eight (8) Spoonbills were present at the Egan's Creek marshland two evenings ago.
Good Birding.
Justin Rink
Amelia Island
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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Every good tern deserves a plover!

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