I wasn't birding today but did stop to check out a large group of terns
sitting on remnants of a washed out dock in the harbor just NW of the north
end of the Peace River bridge on 41. Immediately I noticed large numbers of
(at least 30) Common Terns, fewer Forster's, a few Sandwich, Royals, and
many Least Terns, along with 3 Black Terns just coming out of alternate
plumage all sitting together on the remaining dock pilings. Try though I
might I couldn't add a 7th Tern species (although there may have been an
odd ball in there). While a waded around shooting pics a 4th year Bald
Eagle came over and a Spotted Sandpiper flew across to nearby rocks.

It was a nice assortment and made for a great study as all were sitting
together in mixed groups.


Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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